Phase One of the CPC Campus Expansion Project is now complete! We are already using the space at the north end of the building for group classes, demonstrations, and other important meetings such as:

* Breastfeeding and Advanced Breastfeeding
* Birthing
* Bonding and Learning through Play
* Raising Highly Capable Kids Parenting
* Bible Studies-“Unlocking the Gospel” and “Upsidedown Love”
* Mourning After-Post Abortion Healing
* Volunteer Training
* Board, Community, and Focus Group Meetings

 Coming Soon:
* Celebrating Fathers
* Intercessory Prayer Group (Contact us for additional details)

Phase Two is now in process! The transformation work has begun on the infrastructure and space that will allow us to begin to separate our family and pregnancy resources. It is beautiful to see this century-old Victorian home coming to life with a new purpose. At the end of Phase Two, this building will house a brand new boutique with space for donation receiving, sorting, processing and storage, staff offices, a volunteer workroom, a multi-purpose room, and rooms for conducting group/individual classes.

Phase Three will be the total renovation of the current CPC building (308 N. Broad). The Broad St. building will be dedicated to medical services. There will be rooms for ultrasounds, pregnancy testing and options counseling. Our medical volunteers and staff will have more space to conduct safe, confidential and professional care for the women and men who come in for pregnancy assistance.

If you are interested in donating to CPC’s expansion project, please click here or press the orange donate button in the top right-hand corner.