CPC of Lenawee offers a one-on-one male mentoring program for all upcoming and current fathers. The program is offered by male facilitators and covers a wide range of topics focusing on developing men as fathers and husbands. The Fatherhood program is specifically developed for each client and is linked with the CPC of Lenawee’s Earn While You Learn program.

Our male facilitators assist fathers in developing confidence in their ability to meet the challenges they may face in their family and future. We provide a course curriculum to aid in understanding the stages of enhancing parenting skills and developing healthy personal relationships. The lessons are intended to help meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of clients.

The knowledge gained is valuable in dealing with everyday issues in the family and child development. This program offers clients opportunities for learning and personal growth while earning points that can be used to “purchase” new and used items from the CPC of Lenawee “Baby Boutique.” under the Earn While You Learn Program.

The “Fatherhood Aborted” Program is for the men that have been impacted by a previous abortion decision. For more information on our after-abortion care programs, please click the link below.

After-Abortion Care