In 2020, the CDC released a report on teen sexual behavior. They found that 35% of Michigan high school students have had sex.

When teenagers around the country were asked what makes the biggest difference in their sexual decision-making, they reported that their parents were the single most influential factor! Research shows teens want their parents to talk with them about sex.

The Willing To Wait Program

The Willing to Wait Program is a sex and relationship course that CPC teaches in middle and high schools nearby. This program focuses on the emotional and physical consequences of premarital sex. The class teaches students the fundamentals of pregnancy, STDS, how to say "no", society’s views on sex and healthy vs unhealthy relationships. This opens up conversation for students who may have been too afraid to ask otherwise. It may give them the confidence to ask their parents questions. The goal of this program is to encourage students to wait until marriage to engage in sexual activity.

STD Education

In our mission to prevent unplanned pregnancies, emotional heartbreak, and the spread of STDs and STIs often associated with premarital sex, the CPC offers sexual health and relationship counseling to individual clients and presentations in schools and group settings.

We provide the facts about STDs and STIs and the benefits of waiting for sex until marriage. We recognize that saving sex for marriage fosters healthy relationships and bright futures.